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Our core functions

Mustadafin sees itself as a servant of the communities in which it operates and bases its core functions on the needs of the oppressed.


We support education by establishing of educare centres, dispensing bursaries, conducting adult literacy programs, training preschool teachers, managing Islamic education centres and more.

Poverty eradication

Our skills development programs, feeding schemes, winter warmth project, HIV/Aids programs aim to alleviate the plight of the poor and ultimately eradicate poverty.


By assisting those infected and affected by HIV/Aids, providing community and home based care, trauma counselling, life style advice and chronic disease checks, we promote healthy living and assist those who have limited access to health care.

Community development

Intervention for youth most at risk is crucial to developing a healthy community. Through our Youth camps, life skills programs, feeding schemes and skills development programs we empower young adults to attain self sufficiency and independence.

Disaster Relief

We assist communities in need during disaster situations, providing meals, blankets and clothing. We also train communities in disaster prevention techniques.

Disaster Relief
Youth Development