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Isibindi was established by the NACCW (National Association of Child-Care Workers) to address the problems of vulnerable children left to fend for themselves. Some of them are child-headed house-holds while some of these children don’t have the parental support that they should have even though they’re adults in the home. Isibindi literally means ‘courage’ and it aptly describes the young vulnerable boys and girls that this programme seeks to assist in local communities with the assistance of social development authorities and sponsors. It is for this reason that Mustadafin in partnership NACCW has established Isibindi for the first time in Tafelsig.

The Isibindi project operates in a manner where local members from the community are recruited as Isibindi Care-Workers to work in the best interest and needs of the child or children within a selected living space. They are fully trained and fortified by a strong net-work of local Care-Workers. They renew their registration every two years and are routinely tested for receiving police clearance to qualify again to ensure quality of professionalism. They receive one week’s training per month and after two years they will have a NQF level 4 qualification and they will then be able to pursue their careers as child-care workers at university level. They are routinely screened and substance tested so that the safety of the child or children is always covered. NDOSD (National Development of Social Development) provides a list to check their background.

The team have embarked on school holiday programmes which include the community children and Isibindi children. The team members are passionate and work after hours and seven days a week with little compensation but they understand the importance of their role and how it will impact the community. The CYCW (Child and Youth Care Workers) have specialised operations that include safe parks which were actively used in the June holidays to ensure that the children are kept safe at all times. The Safe Parks are not only for Isibindi kids but for all those who would want to participate.